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Animal Leash Law

Section 210.220 Running At Large — Exception.

[CC 1984 §6-42; Rev. M.C. 1963 Ch. 26; Ord. No. 2953 §1, 4-6-1970; Ord. No. 3140 §6-24]

A.No person shall permit any dog, cat or other animal, whether vaccinated or not, to run at large or to go off the premises of its owner unless such dog, cat or other animal is under restraint.

B. In a prosecution charging a violation of Subsection (A), proof that a dog, cat or other animal was running loose in violation of Subsection (A) together with proof that defendant named in the complaint was, at the time described in the complaint, the person who owned such dog, cat or other animal shall constitute a prima facie presumption sufficient for conviction that the owner was the person who permitted such animal to run at large.

C. The provisions of Subsection (A) shall not apply to bloodhounds or other dogs used for tracking in conjunction with Police activities, or to dogs of the canine corps of a Police force of any City located in St. Louis County, of the St. Louis County Police, Missouri State Highway Patrol, of any Federal law enforcement agency, or of any branch of the armed forces of the Unites States, while being used to conduct official business or while being used for official purposes.

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