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August 2012 Crime Summaries

last updated 9/7/2012





8/1/2012 Dale and S. Big Bend Stealing/ Assault


One adult arrested after he attempted to exit a County Cab without paying the fare.  The cab driver was assaulted while detaining the suspect for police.  The incident will be referred to Municipal Court.

8/6/12 1436 S. Big Bend

St. Louis Community CU



Unknown subject(s) spray painted the camera and keyboard on the building’s ATM machine.  Cost to repair the ATM was approximately $4,500.
8/8/12 1488 St. Louis Galleria

Victoria’s Secret

Peace Disturbance


A 19 year old female was detained after she allegedly threatened a store clerk for refusing to take a return.  The matter was sent to the city’s prosecuting attorney for his review.
8/8/12 1100 blk Bellevue Stealing


Two unsecured women’s bicycles were taken from the hallway outside the victim’s apartment.
8/8/12 1155 St. Louis Galleria

Sprint Kiosk



Two cell phones, valued at $1,100 were stolen from the kiosk by two juveniles while the employee stepped away from the business.  The juveniles were last seen running north through the mall and were not located.
8/9/12 6600 Clayton Road




A 55 year old male was taken into custody for shoplifting from the store.  He was booked and held for a municipal warrant application.
8/9/12 1147 St. Louis Galleria

Black Finn



An employee’s cell phone, valued at $300 was stolen from the restaurant.
8/9/12 1080 St. Louis Galleria

Izod  Lacoste



Six shirts, valued at $593 were taken from the store by an unknown suspect.  The theft was captured on video but problems with the store’s DVR made video unavailable at this time.
8/10/12 1453 St. Louis Galleria




Store merchandise, valued in excess of $2,000 was taken by two suspects in a grab and run from the store.  They fled the scene in a vehicle which had a covered license plate.
8/10/12 1550 St. Louis Galleria




Two 16 year old juveniles were taken into custody for shoplifting.  Both were remanded to St. Louis County Family Court when no parent or guardian could be located.
8/11/12 2440 St. Louis Galleria

Apple Inc.



One adult was arrested for shoplifting two sets of headphones.
8/11/12 1400 block Bredell Ave. Property Damage


The victim reported his driver’s door window was broken out sometime overnight but nothing was taken from the car.
8/11/12 1550 St. Louis Galleria




One adult was arrested for shoplifting one pair of jeans and three shirts.
8/12/12 1100 blk Bellevue Avenue Robbery 2nd / Auto Theft


Upon returning home, the victim was approached on the lot of his apartment building by an unknown suspect asking for money and directions.  When the victim refused to give him money, the suspect grabbed the keys from his hand and fled in the victim’s car.  Using OnStar, the victim’s car was located in the City of Berkeley and recovered.  Inside the car officers recovered a cell phone which did not belong to the victim.  The case is currently under investigation.
8/13/12 7400 block of Arlington Property Damage


Employee of The Maids Home Services reported the front passenger window of one of their company’s vehicles had been broken.  Nothing was taken and the doors were still locked.
8/13/12 Lake Forest Subdivision Stealing


Resident reported that suspect(s) had stolen a drill belonging to a contractor she had hired to do work on her home. The contractor had left the drill in her backyard overnight on 7/2/12.
8/13/12 6600 Clayton Rd

US Bank



One adult arrested after attempting to cash a check he had fraudulently obtained from TitleMax in St. Louis City.
8/14/12 2129 St. Louis Galleria

Jimmy Jazz



Suspect stole one pair of tennis shoes then fled in a silver vehicle.  License info was obtained by the employee and the vehicle was entered wanted.
8/15/12 1105 St. Louis Galleria

Exterior Parking Lot

Stealing/Property Damage


Suspect was arrested after being identified by DNA evidence left behind in victim’s vehicle.  Suspect has been incarcerated up until 8/12.  He was booked and held for municipal warrant application.
8/10/12 6360 Clayton Road

Tip Top Cleaners



Between 4/11/12 and 6/12/12, three of the victim’s personal checks were forged at the cleaners.  The suspect is an ex-boyfriend.
8/15/12 2126 St. Louis Galleria




A laptop computer was stolen from the victim while she sat outside the store.
8/16/12 1550 St. Louis Galleria




A 20 year old male was arrested for shoplifting. He was booked and held for municipal warrant application.
8/16/12 7910 Clayton Road

Commerce Bank



A suspect entered the bank and displayed a handgun to the teller demanding money.  Upon receiving money he fled the bank on foot but was not located.
8/16/12 6600 Clayton Road




Officers were called to Schnucks for a 37 year old male taken into custody for shoplifting.  While being detained, the suspect claimed to have swallowed some metal, which was later confirmed with hospital x-rays.  The suspect was released from the hospital and not booked but the case will be presented for warrant application.
8/16/12 6420 Clayton Road

St. Mary’s Hospital



Three females were taken into custody after it was determined they conspired together to steal an employee’s purse from a private office.  Warrants will be sought.
8/16/12 7300 blk. Dale Avenue Assault


A female resident claimed she was physically assaulted by an unknown subject when she left her apartment building.  The suspect was taken into custody a short time later and held pending municipal warrant application.
8/14/12 2490 St. Louis Galleria

Regis Hair Salon



A patron received haircut and color valued at $127 and left without paying for it.  The identity of the patron is known and she is being sought.
8/18/12 1155 St. Louis Galleria Disorderly Conduct


A 25 year old intoxicated male was taken into custody after refusing to leave mall property and becoming involved in a verbal dispute with patrons waiting for a promotional shoe event.  He was booked and later released pending a municipal warrant application.
8/19/12 Big Bend @ Wise Robbery


A 22 year old male alleged he was robbed of his girlfriend’s pink bicycle as he was walking it northbound on Big Bend at Wise by two armed males.  The suspects claims he broke away and ran north on Big Bend into Clayton until he came across two Washington University police officers for assistance.   The victim contacted this agency the following day saying he decided to move out of town that day and no longer needed any police involvement because what happened was no big deal.  No suspects were ever located.
8/20/12 1155 St. Louis Galleria Stealing


A 35 year old male was taken into custody for stealing the brass fittings on the fire hoses used by the mall.  Municipal warrants will be sought.
8/20/12 5518 St. Louis Galleria

T-Mobile Kiosk



An 18 year old male was taken into custody after he was observed taking a cell phone case from the kiosk.  He was booked and released on a municipal court summons.
8/21/12 7400 blk Bruno Avenue Fraud


Victim reported the unauthorized use of her debit card information to make several purchases in Michigan.
8/22/12 7100 blk Horner Avenue Auto Theft


The victim reported his motorcycle stolen from outside his apartment.
8/22/12 2126 St. Louis Galleria

Hollister & Co.



A 34 year old male, who claimed to have a drug problem, was taken into custody for shoplifting.  He was booked and released pending application of a state warrant.
8/22/12 1155 St. Louis Galleria

Surface Lot

Attempt Auto Theft


An alert mall security officer stopped to investigate what he believed to be suspicious activity in a parking area along the outer road.  As he got out of his truck to investigate, a suspect fled the victim’s vehicle and got into a waiting vehicle before it left the scene.  The mall officer examined the vehicle in question and discovered the suspect was attempting to disable the steering column in an effort to steal the truck.  A license plate was obtained on the vehicle fleeing the scene but it is not on file with the department of revenue in Missouri.
8/23/12 2122 St. Louis Galleria




An employee’s wallet containing a debit card and cash were stolen.  A suspect has been identified.
8/24/12 1550 St. Louis Galleria




Two 16 year old females were taken into custody for shoplifting.  They were released to their parents and the matter forwarded to the Family Court.
8/24/12 7300 (blk) Hoover Avenue UUW


Officers responding to a disturbance discovered one of the parties involved was intoxicated and in possession of a firearm.  The 37 year old male was arrested and booked before being released pending application of a warrant.
8/24/12 6600 Clayton Road




A bicycle, valued at $100 was stolen from in front of the store after the victim failed to secure it before shopping.
8/25/12 1074 St. Louis Galleria




One pair of earrings, valued at $88, was stolen from the store.  Suspects were captured on CCTV but not identified.
8/25/12 8040 Clayton Road

Homewood Suites

Property Damage


The driver’s door lock was damaged after someone tried to gain entry to the victim’s vehicle.  There are no suspects.
8/25/12 22 The Boulevard

Parking Structure



Personal property, valued at $340, was stolen from the victim’s vehicle while parked in the garage.  There are no suspects.
8/25/12 1100 Brentwood Disorderly Conduct


A 19 year old male was taken into custody after he entered the traffic lanes of Brentwood Boulevard in violation of the do not walk signal causing a marked police unit to avoid striking him.  The suspect was also found to have an active warrant from another agency.
8/26/12 1155 St. Louis Galleria




Sports equipment, valued at $170, was stolen from the vehicle of a Macy’s loss prevention employee while parked on the lot.
8/27/12 7100 (blk) Dale Avenue Domestic Assault


Police were called to the residence to investigate a domestic assault.  They spoke with the female resident and learned she was going through a divorce and that her estranged husband struck her before leaving the house.  Phone contact was made with the husband who refused to come in and speak further with officers.  A wanted entry for his arrest was placed in the computer.
8/26/12 1400 blk Silverton Property Damage


Several vehicles were damaged overnight while parked on the street.  The damage consisted of punctured tires and key scratches to the paint.  No information was obtained from any of the victims pointing to any particular individual as being responsible.
8/29/12 1105 St. Louis Galleria




An iPhone and credit cards were stolen from an employee’s purse in a back room.
8/31/12 2467 St. Louis Galleria

Sunglass Hut (S)



Three suspects allegedly stole sunglasses from the business and were followed to the parking garage where a license number was obtained on their vehicle.  An investigation is underway.
8/31/12 1100 blk Bellevue Attempt Larceny


A passing witness observed a suspect standing outside a vehicle with its door and trunk lid open.  When questioned as to what he was doing, the suspect fled to a waiting vehicle occupied by two other individuals before leaving the area.  The getaway vehicle was later determined to be stolen and the vehicle with the open door and trunk was stolen and recovered last month without the keys.  A suspect was developed in the original incident and may be linked to this one.

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